Buckhead Chapter History

Founding President Ann Morton’s involvement with NCL, Inc. began while her family resided in Houston, TX.  With a move to Atlanta, she brought the vision of mothers and daughters serving together in Atlanta.  In 2002,  NCL, Inc. Board approved the formation of the Buckhead Chapter founding the 102nd national chapter and the second Georgia chapter following Roswell Alpharetta (1996).

Important milestones for the Buckhead Chapter:

  • February 24, 2002 Informational Meeting
  • March 17, 2002 Formation Meeting and adoption of Touching Hearts, Serving Atlanta tagline with Claudia Madigan serving as their Expansion Chapter Advisor
  • April 14, 2002 Founding Member Tea
  • February 9, 2003 Mother/Daughter Sweetheart Tea
  • March 16, 2003 National Council approved Buckhead Chapter’s first set of bylaws
  • May 4, 2003 first Hours & Awards Tea
  • March 28, 2004 Senior Presentation
  • April, 2004 Buckhead Chapter charters at the NCL National Convention in San Diego with 228 members serving over 4, 000 volunteer hours

Ann Morton set the tone for Buckhead Chapter when she said “We are not just there to drop off a bag of clothes.  We are there to participate, to meet the need….. The philosophy of NCL is really to teach leadership.  It’s constructive time.  They (Ticktockers) learn how to be an officer, how to run an organization.  It impacts the girls’ development.  They are given the opportunity to look at real needs in a particular area and explore beyond that–perhaps even investigate a possible career.”

The Buckhaed Chapter Presidents maintained a hands-on philanthropy approach, with activities designed around giving of time and talents.  Our Past Leadership includes:

2002-2003 Ann Morton
2003-2004 Debbie Leet
2004-2005 Cynthia Brown
2005-2006 Diane Evans
2006-2007 Linda Alexander
2007-2008 Lawrie Horst
2008-2009 Harriott Kelly
2009-2010 Ann Strader
2010-2011 Karen Riddell
2011-2012 Nan Easterlin
2012-2013 Lucy Barry
2013-2014 Cindy Ferguson
2014-2015 Carla Corley
2015-16 Lizzie Crawford & Kay Stueve
2016-17 Julie Bassett & Lauren Monroe
2017-18 Alicia Weltner

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: One Mission, Many Paths

Buckhead Charter april 2004

Buckhead Charter granted at 2004 San Diego National Conference; left to right Gigi Banks, Janie Turner, Susan Carlton, Debbie Leet, Peggy Morris, Cindy Brown, Sally Woodall, Rebecca Smith, Diane Evans

NCL Spirit of NCL Award 2011

2011 Spirit of NCL Award Annette Lopper and Karen Riddell accepting for Buckhead Chapter

Currently, there are eight National Charity League, Inc. chapters in Georgia located in Region 1, District 14 South.  In Atlanta, Buckhead Chapter serves inside I-285.  Six additional chapters serve outside I-285:  Dunwoody, East Cobb, Gardenia, Milton, Northeast Atlanta, and Roswell/Alpharetta Chapters.  In 2013, Cherokee Rose Chapter formed to serve Macon.