Leadership Development

Members have opportunities to engage in experiences that build essential skills, such as confidence, consensus and team building, event planning, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure.  Activities of our Chapter include:

Patroness & Ticktocker Class Boards:  plan meeting and events including August Kickoff Celebration, February Mother/Daughter Style Show Event & Annual Meeting, Senior Recognition and Awards Tea

Ticktocker Council: Ticktockers from each grade level provide input on Chapter policies and plan Ticktocker Day, a Chapter wide meeting of all Ticktockers

Finding Your Heart Initiative: (7th – 9th gr) combines community service and leadership to focus on exploration of all philanthropy partners, our community needs, and Ticktockers interests

Share Your Passion Initiative: (9th – 12th gr) combines community service and leadership to focus on Ticktocker lead special projects identified by individual Ticktockers or Mother/Daughter Teams

Ticktocker Class Philanthropy Projects:  combines community service and leadership for each grade level class while planning and executing a focus philanthropy project

Patroness & Ticktocker Committees:  execute all Chapter business

public pages NCL Experience visual with details on classes

Kickoff 1

12th Grade August Kickoff Celebration

11th Grade CHOA Costume Shop

COR Christmas 2014 20-X3

10th Gr. City of Refuge Party

9th Gr. Extreme Bedroom Makeover


2015 ABG Scarecrow

8th Grade Atlanta Botanical Gardens Scarecrows as Furkids

2021 Furkids

7th Gr. Furkids Pet Adoptions

TT Day 2014 2

Ticktocker Day: A time to share, shine, create