About Buckhead Chapter

thank_you_yellow_rose (2)The Yellow Rose

Buckhead Chapter (BC) adopted the yellow rose as our chapter flower when we chartered with National Charity League, Inc.  In several cultures, the color yellow represents joy, wisdom, and power.  Today, yellow roses are commonly associated with joy, friendship, and the sentiment “I care”.  No other flower brings out a smile in the same way that a yellow rose can; just as no other organization nurtures the mother/daughter relationship as the Buckhead Chapter.  Our members truly care about Atlanta and those in need.

Why did our members join?  What is the NCL Experience to them?

Enjoy a sample of our members’ sentiments reflecting the warmth and caring symbolism of a yellow rose.

NCL means spending time with Kate Ross COR 12-21-13my daughters while working for the greater good for our community and its citizens.  A win, win.

I joined to have a positive touch point with my teenage daughter.  Our NCL experiences kept us together in her high school years in a way that no other activity or organization offers.  NCL also taught her that community service is what we do -it’s part of everyday life–we give of ourselves to others.

wheelbNCL has given my girls and me countless meaningful opportunities to serve side by side and to discover charitable organizations in the community that truly touch our hearts.

NCL offered me the opportunity toNCL Susan Komen Race 2015 63-X2 serve in the community with my daughter, to serve as a role model in that capacity to her and other young women, and to serve my chapter and region in leadership positions.

tea2NCL is one of the most meaningful organizations I have ever been involved in because it has provided countless opportunities for me to build relationship with my daughters, with other women and their daughters, and with philanthropies and the people connected to them in our community.

We joined NCL because it had so many wonderful opportunities for my daughter and me to do community service together.

I joined with a friend so that we made sure we did things together with our girls. And it turned out to be so much more. I just went by Trinity Church where the Agape Children were lining up to go to dinner and three of them said, oh it’s the Butterfly Lady!”, recalling the time we spent, two years ago, doing a monarch butterfly study together. The study culminated in a parade of 30 some children wearing their own hand painted butterfly wings. I cherish the memory and that it had a lasting impact on them.

I joined NCL to share my passion for serving others with my daughters. 

I became interested in NCL because I thought it would be a vehicle through which I could improve my relationship with my teenage daughter. I knew how much volunteering meant to her. There were times in the first few years with NCL that it seemed the only time we weren’t bickering was when we were doing things associated with the NCL philanthropies. Now that she is a senior, I cherish those times.

NCL M-D Luncheon 2-2015 14-X2I joined NCL to share in the joy of volunteering and serving our community with my daughter and other like-minded women! 
Navigating new ways to serve our community;  Connecting with women, mothers, and daughters; Learning to lead.
I joined NCL because a friend gave me a tremendous gift — the gift of an organization that allows me to pursue meaningful community service with my daughters and an organization through which I have met so many incredible friends.